Prop Talk!

Using yoga props in your practice is a great way to really feel something a bit different in the poses you usually do without the props. Sometimes the feel is in the stretch or an ease to the asana (posture). Prop use is also a great way to explore old poses in a new way!

Bolster for Child's pose adds a restorative approach to this pose.

Block on the high end to help bring the floor up when in Half Moon pose, adds a different feel, ease and stability.

Something soft under knees helps with soreness of the knee and allows softness in the pose. Two blocks for this low lunge pose allows for more stability and focus.

Bolster under the back of knees gives a more restorative feel to Savasana.

A block under the sacrum when in Bridge Pose gives a different feel to the pose, and helps to get out of the "knees". Play with the height of the block for a different variation of Bridge.

Let's continue this discussion :)

How do you use your props and why?

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